September 28th 2018 from its headquarters in San Francisco, Facebook acknowledged this morning that a cyber attack on their servers has potentially revealed personal data of million of users (at least 50 million as of this posting)

This is not the first time Facebook has had a serious Data breach putting its users personal data in danger.  This Morning Marc Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO said we have a major security effort at the company that hardens all of our surfaces…I’m glad we found this.  But it definitely is an issue that this happened in the first place.” Facebook has not yet identified the identity of the people responsible for this attack but they have commented that they are working on finding this information as quickly as possible.

Keeping its users personal data confident has been a big problem for Facebook over the past few years.  Keep yourself safe with these 5 great tips below…

5 Great tips on keeping your Data safe while staying on facebook

1. Remove third party applications from Facebook!

you probably have given access to dozens of facebook third party companies to use your data, go into your apps on facebook and start removing all of the apps you are currently not using and removing their access to your personal information!

2.Change how facebook can advertise to you!

By going into your settings you will be able to see how facebook lets companies advertise to you.  You can start turning off some profile settings and personal information in your profile to limit the knowledge that facebook has, and is able to send to advertising companies.

3. Keep your profile and posts more private!

It’s always a great idea to go into your privacy settings and change who can view your profile and your posts.  go through these settings and turn them to friends only, or yourself only, while making some more things private.  Make sure your posts are to friends only and not to the public!

4. Request a Facebook Privacy Checkup

Facebook Privacy Checkup is a new feature that lets you see what info people can pull from your profile.  Using this feature will give you a good idea and ability to review and adjust your privacy settings.  (if you have it it will appear at the top of your homepage on the blue question mark button!)

5. Delete your Facebook account?!

This is the ultimate last step, and should only be taken if you are sure you are ready to get ride of facebook forever!!