If you have been wondering what day is today, you are probably too your or we are probably too old. It’s October 3rd and everyone should know that! #MeanGirlsDay

Why October 3rd as the Official Mean Girls Day?

Even though Mean Girls‘ release date was April 30, 2004, the iconic scene where red-haired Cady, played by the iconic Lindsay Lohan asked the most memorable question to her crush, Aaron Samuels (played by Jonathan Bennett): “What day is it?” getting the most common and yet unforgettable answer: “October 3rd”

Since then, all of us fans around the world have kept this day religiously in our calendar, with the same passion as Star Wars geeks love their “May the 4th be with you!”

When was “Mean Girls” released?

If you really need to read this then yes, you are too young. But, to answer the question, Mean Girls was released in 2004, on April 30th, making the perfect adolescent movie for Spring Break.

It stars Lindsay Lohan in the leading role of Cady, a weirdo girl who moves to a typical US high school from rural Africa, with zoologist parents who raised her completely different.

Even if she is quickly accepted by “The Plastics” – A-List cheerleaders, trouble begins as she falls in love with the “Queen Bee”‘s ex-boyfriend. Who is that queen you may ask? Regina, or better said: Rachel McAdams.

Celebrating Mean Girls Day

Your Twitter Feed should already burst of Mean Girls memes and gifs, so that is out of the question, you know it by now. But, there is more you can do to show your devotion:

  • Bake that rainbow colored cake and share it. Don’t forget to show those white pearls when you do it.
  • Pink! Pink! Pink! And it’s Wednesday, so you have no excuse. Wear Pink!
  • Make your face smell like peppermint.
  • Don’t forget those “vintage” white gold hoops – they’re a must!