Everyone who has ever had a pet can confirm that pet is never really just a pet, but a loyal friend, a family member really, the one that is always there for you, to love you no matter what. They might have a different perception of the world, sure. In fact, you are their world.

Pets don’t speak, and yet somehow they end up teaching us the important lessons about loyalty and unconditional love by simply being there for us. So if there is a time when it is absolutely necessary for you to be there for them, it’s got to be during their final moments. And yet many people choose not to be by their pets’ side during these moments as it is too painful to watch, so they just leave them at the vet’s office for a humane pain-free ending. That is, according to a vet who expressed his opinion in a Facebook post, the absolute worst thing you can do. This post, that quickly became viral, is a must-read for every pet owner out there. Let’s see what it says.

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The room full of strangers

The post begins with a simple reminder that, when we take a pet into our lives, we need to face the fact that their passing is inevitable. Then the post reminds us that we have been the center of our pets’ world for their entire lives. And while their final moments are devastating for us, we still need to be there until the end.

“Do not make them transition from life to death in a room full of strangers in a place they don’t like,” a tired broken-hearted vet begs pet owners, “they search for you when you leave them behind.”

They don’t understand why you left them

Sure, it is too painful to watch your pets suffer. But you know what else is painful? Your pets having to face their final moments alone.

Their eyes are tired, but they keep searching for a familiar face, your face, with their dying breath. Why are you not there, they wonder, not understanding why you left them when they’re sick, scared, old, or dying from cancer. Don’t let them feel abandoned. Provide them comfort during their most vulnerable time.

Last but not least, don’t let the vet be the one who has to comfort your pet and make them less scared while explaining why you just couldn’t stay.

Be there for your pets even if it breaks your heart

I hope this post has helped you realize just how important it is to be by your pet’s side during their final moments and provide them with a much-needed comfort, no matter how much it hurts. Because to them, you are family. And family must always stick together, even if it sometimes breaks your heart.

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